About Auckland

Why study in Auckland?

Auckland is the fastest growing city in New Zealand with 1.3 million people living in the city and its surrounding suburbs. It is where Maori, Kiwis, Polynesians, Europeans, Asians and other cultures meet and mix to live, study or work in this vibrant city. Auckland is surrounded by beautiful beaches, parks and gardens, some within a stone's throw of the central business district.


    Auckland is full of eateries. Cafes, bistros, bars and restaurants sare cattered throughout the city and its surrounds and cater to all food tastes and budgets. All countries' foods seem to be here from stonegrill to steamboat.


    Most of Auckland's shops are open seven days with late night shopping on Thursday and Friday nights. While New Zealand has it's large chain stores, the vast majority of shops in Auckland are independently owner-operated and offer unique products that cannot be found elsewhere.


    Kiwis take their recreation very seriously and so there is no shortage of leisure and entertainment activities to enjoy. Auckland also boasts some amazing parks and beaches. Auckland currently ranks 3rd in a survey of the quality of life of 223 major cities of the world by Mercer.


    Auckland nightlife not only involves dining out but also centres around live music, dancing, concerts and theatre-going. Every year the city's calendar is full of cultural festivals, major sports competitions, international stage shows, concerts and exhibitions.

Living in Auckland

By studying here, you'll not only get a great education but an action-packed adventure of a lifetime too. You can bungy jump from the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, climb a volcano and go whale watching in the same day, and enjoy a music festival, cultural show or concert that evening. Auckland's vision is to be the world's most liveable city with a great atmosphere, facilities and opportunities. The city was recently named in Lonely Planet's Top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2014, and was ranked third in the Mercer 2013 Quality of Living Survey. It's no surprise that Auckland is high on many students' must-see list.

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