English Programmes

We offer different levels of General English and IELTS preparation courses. Our classes are small which means we give students individual attention and help with their specific problems. Our classes cover speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. We teach you how to speak and understand real world English, and give you a lot of opportunities for speaking practice.

All of our English teachers have a Bachelor's degree or postgraduate qualification, and an English Teaching qualification (CELTA/TESOL). Our English teachers are very experienced, and have taught in many different countries. We use trusted methods as well as the latest teaching techniques to help you achieve your English language goals.


The General English modules use a range of industry standard textbooks as well as supplementary materials sourced from websites such as BBC English and MacMillan English. Students will achieve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in keeping with internationally recognised levels. There are 6 modules from beginner to advanced level. Each module is designed to cover 12 weeks of study. Each student's entry point will be determined following an assessment of their current English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills when they arrive at Tasman. After assessment and placement at the appropriate entry point, students are aiming to move on to the next level after studying 12 weeks at the same level.

Level 1 - Beginner

Level 2 - Elementary

Level 3 - Pre-Intermediate

Level 4 - Intermediate

Level 5 - Upper-Intermediate

Level 6 - Advanced

Students will achieve the required reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to enable them to gain a Certificate in General English at a level equivalent to the programme they have successfully completed.

Entry requirements

Students should be 14 years of age on entry and have successfully completed Year 9 at secondary school or the local equivalent. Students will be required to provide evidence of this. All students will be required to take Tasman's placement test on entry to ensure they are placed in an appropriate class level where they have a good chance of success.

TIA Certificate for IELTS Preparation

The Preparation for IELTS modules use a variety of the texts available for IELTS preparation as well as materials developed in-house specifically for those modules. There are 2 modules with each module covering 12 weeks of study. The Preparation for IELTS course is delivered in such a way that the students are subjected to similar pressures to those that will be experienced in the IELTS examination. The skills they are taught are very much related to the needs of successful completion of the IELTS examination which allows students to enter tertiary education.

Level 4 - IELTS Preparation 1

Level 5 - IELTS Preparation 2

On completion of IELTS Preparation 2, students should achieve the required reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to enable them to gain an IELTS grade that will allow entry into their chosen tertiary institution.

Entry requirements

Students should have successfully completed General English Intermediate level, have an IELTS score of 5.0 or above (students will be required to provide evidence of this) or have demonstrated their English language level in Tasman's placement test.