How do I apply?

  • Step 1 - You

    When you have selected the programme you wish to study:

    Download and complete the application form

    Copy and attach your:

    IELTS certificate and/or other evidence of your English Language ability

    Highest qualification certificate

    Photograph page and signature page of your passport (PDF is preferred)

  • Step 2 - Tasman

    We receive and process your application

    Send you an offer of place and fee invoice

  • Step 3 - You

    Accept the offer of place

    Apply for your student visa through Immigration NZ

  • Step 4 - Tasman

    We maintain communication with you throughout the process

  • Step 5 - You

    Inform Tasman of your 'Approved in Principle' status from Immigration NZ

    Pay your fees to Tasman's Public Trust Account

  • Step 6 - Tasman

    Send you a receipt for the payment of your fees with thanks

  • Step 7 - You

    Advise Tasman of your arrival date and time to New Zealand

  • Step 8 - Tasman

    Inform you of your accommodation arrangements and airport pick up (where requested)

    Invite you to attend your orientation programme - date, time and place

Conditions of enrolment

Valid Visa

The New Zealand Government requires all visitors to New Zealand to meet the legal requirements of Immigration New Zealand. It is Tasman's responsibility to ensure all international students have the correct visa to study. Tasman will not complete your enrolment without it.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website

Valid Medical and Travel Insurance

The New Zealand Government has made it a legal requirement that all international students are obligated under the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the 'Code') to have appropriate medical and travel insurance which covers the period of their study. The insurance must also cover your travel to New Zealand to study. It is Tasman's responsibility under the Code to ensure all international students have appropriate health and travel insurance. Tasman will not complete your enrolment without it.


Under the Code of Practice Tasman are permitted to enrol students 18 years old or over for all courses. For English language courses, Tasman are allowed to accept students 14 years old or over but you must either live with your parents, or have a caregiver or guardian designated by your parents. For all students under 18- years old Tasman has policies and procedures in place to ensure care for under-18's is compliant with the Code.

Personal Details

You will need to fill in a Tasman International Academies application form and give us your details, for example, your passport number, visa or permit details, emergency contact person, your address and your telephone number.

Academic Record

We will need a copy of your latest academic record and a test result showing your English language proficiency level for all non-language courses. If you do not have these and you are applying for General English or IELTS courses, you will need to do our internal placement test.

Student Fee Refund Policy

TIA will provide comprehensive and appropriate withdrawal and refund conditions information prospective and enrolled international students as required by Part 2 Sections 4 of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the "Code), and Section 235A(1)(a) and (b) of the Education Act and as set out in the Education (Refund Requirements for International Students) Notice 2012, and Student Withdrawals and Refunds as stipulated by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). All information will be either in writing or in an electronic format and clearly state the registered name of TIA and be accurate in description of services provided in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. All information will be reviewed for accuracy, relevance and currency no less than annually. This policy was reviewed in December 2012 to realign with the changes to student fee protection requirements as detailed in NZQA's Fact Sheet issued on 18 December 2012.

NZQA Studnet Fee Refund Policy

TIA will adhere to NZQA's student fee refund whereby 'Students who withdraw from a course at a PTE within the statutory refund period are entitled to a fee refund. If a student withdraws during the statutory period, PTE's are entitled to retain a portion of the fees. The portion of the fees refunded to a student and the portion retained by the PTE is dependent upon whether the student is international or domestic, and on the length of the course the student is enrolled in.

NZQA policy states that 'The statutory refund period for international students studying courses that are three months or longer in duration is 10 working days from the day the student is first required to attend.

TIA defines 'from the day the student is first required to attend' as either
  1. The course start date where the student holds a interim or student or other valid visa to commence their study or
  2. The date of issuance of an interim or student or other valid visa which permits the student to legally commence their study after the course start date.

TIA Student Fee Refund Policy

Where NZQA's statutory refund and withdrawal policy is no longer applicable, TIA will implement its own internal discretionary policy for refunds for international and domestic 4 students.

TIA's internal discretionary policy for refunds for international students is effective from:
TIA's internal discretionary policy for refunds for domestic students is effective from:

Download the complete Refund Policy here:

TIA Refund Policy