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New Zealanders are typically friendly and kind and homestay families have a genuine interest in other cultures and people. Staying with a "Kiwi" family enables you to experience the New Zealand way of life and practice speaking English. Living in a homestay provides you with a comfortable and safe family environment and the opportunity to make lots of friends. Students who choose a homestay will have a bedroom with study facilities, eat with the family and be part of the family. Tasman do not arrange homestay families directly but use the company International Homestay who have extensive experience in matching international students with good homestay families. Host families are carefully chosen for their desire to host overseas students and the quality of their rooms. Homestay families are checked by the police and homestay officers. The average Homestay accommodation costs approximately $240 per week (without lunch) or $260 (with lunch).
You can view their website at: homestaymum.com.

Guidelines and Information for homestay students

International students under the age of 18

The NZQA Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the 'Code') clearly details the rules and responsibilities around looking after students under 18 years old. Under the Code of Practice Tasman are permitted to enrol students 14 - 17 years old on English language courses only. The under-18 student must either live with their parents, or have a caregiver designated by their parents, or live with a homestay family. Tasman has an Under-18 Student Support Officer who is concerned with the students' study, attendance and accommodation as well as being the main contact for parents, designated caregivers and homestay families. The Under-18 Student Support Officer will interview the student within the first two weeks of their study and then every three months about their accommodation, studies, attendance, health and lifestyle.

Download the Code of practice:

Code of Practice

Contact Details

Tasman requires the following information for under-18 students:
  1. student address, phone number and email
  2. emergency contact details of parents, designated caregiver or homestay family in New Zealand
  3. parents contact details in the home country.


  • English language classes are run from 9.00 - 1.30 Monday to Friday.
  • The student's parents receive a six-weekly progress report detailing academic achievement, attendance rate and comments from the teacher.
  • Tasman prefer that the student's parents have an email address to which the academic progress report can be sent.


    • Attendance is checked daily by the teacher and Under-18 Student Support Officer
    • Non-attendance is followed up immediately with the person with whom the student is residing
    • Students are expected to attend 100%


    Under-18's must live in one of the following five categories of accommodation:
    1. Homestay
    2. Boarding establishment
    3. Designated caregivers home
    4. With parents
    5. In the case of international students on courses of less than three calendar months' duration only, in temporary accommodation
    Tasman's Under-18 Student Support Officer will check the accommodation arrangements of any under-18 student not living with their parents:
    1. with-in the first two weeks after student arrival and
    2. every three months thereafter

    Tasman highly recommend that under-18's, whose parents are not living in New Zealand, are designated a caregiver by their parents. Tasman will require a Ministry of Justice police vetting letter from the designated caregiver.

    International students under-18 years old must comply with all other rules, policies and procedures set by Tasman.